5 Secrets to Team Great Britain’s Success in Amateur Boxing

If it wasn’t for these 5 things below, Team GB Boxing would not be one of the most feared boxing teams in the world.  In the video I show you an Olympic boxing drill –  that is part of the reason why we are the best!  

Before you watch the video I want to let you know the 5 secrets to GB boxing success:

  1. They train and live with champions
  2. They have the best coaches in the country 
  3. They have the best support team that money can buy
  4. They have the best training facilities in the UK
  5. They are funded  

Now let’s break that down for you. 

  1. They live with other champions, the England and GB Boxing teams are only national champions and runners up, so this is who they all live with, train and spar with.The better people you’re around the better you become. 
  2. They hire the top qualified coaches in the country and pay them!  The funded coaches don’t have to worry about getting and maintaining a 9-5 job, like 99% of other amateur boxing trainers, so this means they can give 100% to their fighters. The trainers give the fighters the best workouts and drills (like the drill I’m about to show you in the video below) this is why the fighters always get better. 
  3. They have a world class team of physiotherapists, doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, strength and conditioning coaches and masseuses. Everything they need is right there.
  4. The EIS center in Sheffield is the best boxing gym I have ever been to, and believe me I’ve been to 100s of boxing gyms. It has everything they need and I mean everything. 
  5. The fighters get funded so they don’t have to worry about working. Just like the coaches they can give 100% to their training, preparation and craft.

All of this combined together with a few other details is why we are one of the best! 

Bonus Video:
Olympic boxing drills you should try to get better at boxing!

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