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Boxing fitness is more than giving your clients a fun, high-intensity workout that burns a ton of calories… It helps them develop skills that elevate their self-confidence.

And with thousands of people searching on Google for boxing coaching every month…

There’s plenty of business out there for people who want to kick off a brand new career in coaching… And personal trainers who want to add boxing to their list of services!

Unlike most boxing fitness courses, taught by people with little experience… Who simply show you a few basic combinations before handing you a worthless certificate…

Your certification from the Boxing Fitness Academy puts you into an elite category of boxing fitness coaches.

See, I’ve combined my 17 years as a competitive boxer with my 12+ years owning Box N Burn – one of the USA’s top boxing fitness gyms – and poured ALL this experience into creating a coaching course that shows you how to teach the same techniques used by professional boxers…

So you can confidently take anyone through an unrivalled training experience using exciting drills and combinations other trainers don’t know! 

Even if you don’t know the difference between a jab and a hook, the Boxing Fitness Academy will give you the confidence to teach technically perfect punches, dazzling footwork, and slick head movement.

When You Teach Clients how to box the right way… They’ll LOVE training with you

In fact, this was how I turned Box N Burn into a 7-figure gym –

Because once your client tastes the thrill of hitting the pads for the first time, they’ll not only be hungry for more… But excited to spread the word to everyone they know.

And whether you’re brand new to the fitness industry or a seasoned veteran… 

I’ll show you how to market your boxing services and form a line of prospective clients practically begging to train with you.

No other boxing fitness course offers the same level of in-depth education as the Boxing Fitness Academy.

So if you’re ready to become a highly competent boxing fitness coach with a thriving business… 

This page will show you how to join my courses today.

Olympic Medalist

Introducing: The Boxing Fitness Academy

The Boxing Fitness Academy contains two online coaching courses designed for personal trainers who want to expand their business by offering boxing fitness.

Each course is 100% self-study with most coaches becoming certified within 2-4 weeks. But there’s no deadline. So don’t worry if you’re crazy busy with other commitments… Because you’re free to work at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

we’ve specifically made the course as easy to follow as possible. You’ll work through a series of lessons followed by a video assessment to test your skills.

By the time you finish, you’ll be buzzing with confidence about teaching your clients how to punch and move like a pro!

And unlike other boxing fitness courses, I’ll also teach you networking and marketing strategies I’ve used to build an online following of over five million people…

So instead of constantly hustling for new clients, they’ll come to you!