How to land a sickening body shot

How to land a sickening body shot

Most fighters will agree that being hit in the body hard is often worse than being hit in the head. 

When you get hit clean it really sucks all the oxygen out of your full body, you feel sick and suffocated at the same time. It’s not a nice feeling. 

 I used to practice throwing and landing the body shot all of the time when I was fighting, in shadow boxing, on the backs, and in sparring. 

 A great way to land that body shot is by changing the angle and with your feet and getting the punch to land between the gloves. 

Ricky Hatton and Jamie Moore were both experts at this.

I show you on this video below a great way to do it, If you’re not training to fight this is also a great way to burn extra calories in your boxing session.

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